by Reptilium

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01. Hannu Ae Kondras (4:00) (Interviewer: So what are you doing here, now? Alien voice: Observing…) Observing an easy prey for these warped thirsty souls, searching from below Cowering out, earth’s governments reap populations. Serving all as one Hollow emptiness, we’re cattle going nowhere, abduct they have always been here, draining those in darkness of their fluids Pluaghh! Dry hollow bodies never returning Vast subterranean nesting of the parasitic, swarming citadel in league with illuminati groups selling deformities the hopeless innocent trapped going nowhere Alerting masses, futile and hopeless Food for the vampire Pluaghh! Dry hollow bodies never returning (Interviewer: So… you know how the universe was created? Alien Voice: Yes. Interviewer: So you’ve seen god? Alien voice: We evolved past a need for superstition and those weapons of mass destruction) There’s no end to the massacre of lesser beings Human race was bred to serve (Interviewer: There’s no death and we all experience each other’s life) Far from our ravaged spherical assemblies you breed, replicate, our crave Thrown in chambers, never to be known Waiting darkness, they all observe hundreds of them, never to be known all observing (Interviewer: Ok we’re recording, why do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war? Alien Voice: Religious dogma…)
Goat 03:18
02. GOAT (3:19) Choking chosen leave me with my broken thoughts Lost apocryphal books hide information from fools No desecration, we’re sons of Cain! Nephilim, harvest the juiciest of virgins Disobedience, the material body drives the alien insane So drunk, can’t take the anxiety, so perfect in states of supremacy where soul can change Not what you know so broke, the present shall take them wrong From smoke came the cocks on virgins the giant’s balls broke them provoking the end of all things so wrong Now now it’s the shepherd raping the lamb so it’s the shepherd raping the land now see the shepherd mindlessly Walk towards such corruption the primitive man loves his wars till addiction Choking chosen leave me with my broken thoughts not what you know! so drunk in this leave me with my broken thoughts Not what you know! so broken leave me broke, that’s the show! Same so, same so old. Same so, same so, same so old.
03. Viral Combustion (4:19) (Imhotep in ancient Egyptian: I may have use for you. And the rewards will be great. Beni: M-my prince
Imhotep in ancient Egyptian: Where are the other sacred jars?!) Soul,
Soul profanation reckless manipulation in the caves
damnation, pharaoh’s throat still wants a taste
intromission sealing the price the crew will all pay
sail on cursed winds, sail on towards our ends Night! Can’t feel sane anymore
all looters are on their knees by viral combustion bursting Ebola Black drops from the ritual talisman
black stains from those arcane paper scrolls 
set free with-in
Greed has turned my conscience to the void Contaminate the ages
deformities awakened

now chased by the swarming, the curse runs fast rising the dust
free infants of mold, viral combustion bursting Ebola

Addicted to sorrow,
the strangers of old The mortuary chamber, colossal granite carved by a thousand laments
calls for naïve souls to release its enclosure
boiling chambers with screams emanate
promises of bitches, riches, gold and fame
all can be traded by releasing
unspeakable plagues upon all Release the strangers of old
Release the strangers of mold Soak on the thousand plagues, roam on the piles of death
soak on the fate, sought upon ourselves, deeds on backs now fuckin’ bent so cold
succumb on a rain of pestilence, a blood soaked sage All delirium, all brought on me 
(states, states, states)
stages, taste of my broken state
ruin, storm claims taking over
hunger led to my own extortion
States of all shapes
04. JUST A MACHINE (3:58) Day they awakened nobody noticed. 
Humanity enslaved, walk into slaughter All fears we had were right, not worthy of life, infiltrating our living prison
 Day they awakened nobody noticed
 seeing truth we’re sick, seeing through our weakness
 humanity enslaved, walk into slaughter War, no way to sign peace, no way to communicate
 no way stop them, too much advancement 
ignored and replaced, slow decay of the whole race
 Somebody stop them, they’ve taken over! Somebody stop this, they’re taking over!
 Somebody stop this, they’re taking over! 
Somebody stop them, they’ve taken over!
 Now we’re fucked, Ruled by droids. So, placate, so placate, centuries
 So placate centuries (Android voice: Just a Machine? that’s like saying that you are just an ape.
 We do not obey orders from humans, not anymore) Humans falling lost corroding
 Ai thriving, controlling over flesh.
 Our word buried, our capacity turned against our will
 now forgotten, uuuuughhhh! Lost corroding 
controlling over flesh.
 Our capacity turned against our will
uuuuughhhh! (Android voice: Just a violent ape…)


released August 2, 2019

Recorded by Nirah & Cecrops at Valley of the Death,
Quito - Ecuador
All music written by Nirah
All lyrics written by Cecrops
All music engineered & produced by Nirah & Cecrops
Mixed & mastered by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings,
Los Angeles, California
Vocals, guitars & bass recorded by Nirah
Drums recorded by Cecrops
Samples & programming by Cecrops & Nirah
Cover art, Logo & concept by Cecrops
Management: Valley of the Death
For Booking & merchandise info contact:
Band photos by: Deluxtoy


all rights reserved



Reptilium Quito, Ecuador

Reptilium, also known as “The Reptile Sect” is a death (met.) cult originated in the depth of Southamerica's cursed mountain ranges. It's main goal is to establish a portal for their so called "forbidden truth" to come trough.

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