Viral Combustion

by Reptilium

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Excerpt ::
In their blind thirst of materialistic power and misguided knowledge, many hominids have interfered with the sleep of ancient cursed beings, far beyond their understanding.
By falling victim to their seducing schemes a few have brought great suffering and misery to their whole species, loosing their sanity in the process.


Reptilium // Viral Combustion

(Imhotep in ancient Egyptian: I may have use for you. And the rewards will be great.
Beni Gabor: M-my prince

Imhotep in ancient Egyptian: Where are the other sacred jars?!)

 soul profanation, reckless manipulation in the caves
Damnation, pharaoh’s throat still wants a taste.
Intromission sealing the price the crew will all pay
Sail on cursed winds, sail on towards our ends

Night! Can’t feel sane anymore
All looters are on their knees by viral combustion bursting Ebola!
Black drops from the ritual talisman
black stains from those arcane paper scrolls, set free with-in

Greed has turned my conscience to the void

Contaminate the ages

Deformities awakened

Now chased by the swarming, the curse runs fast rising the dust.
Free infants of mold, viral combustion bursting Ebola

Addicted to sorrow,
the strangers of old

The mortuary chamber, colossal granite carved by a thousand laments
calls for naïve souls to release its enclosure,

boiling chambers with screams emanate

promises of bitches, riches, gold and fame

all can be traded by releasing
 unspeakable plagues upon all

Release the strangers of old


Release the strangers of mold

Soak on the thousand plagues, roam on the piles of death.
Soak on the fate, sought upon ourselves,
deeds on backs now fuckin’ bent so cold
Succumb on a rain of pestilence, a blood soaked sage

(states, states, states)
Stages, taste of my broken state
, ruin,
storm claims taking over.
Hunger led to my own extortion

States of all shapes


released February 25, 2019
Recorded by Nirah & Cecrops at Valley of the Dead, Quito , Ecuador
Mixed & mastered by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings, Los Angeles, CA

All music written by Nirah / All lyrics written by Cecrops
All music engineered & produced by Nirah & Cecrops

Vocals, guitars & bass recorded by Nirah
Drums recorded by Cecrops
Samples & programming by Cecrops & Nirah

Cover art, logo & concept by Cecrops
For Booking & merchandise info contact: Valley of the Dead:
Management: Valley of the Dead


all rights reserved



Reptilium Quito, Ecuador

Reptilium, also known as “The Reptile Sect” is a death (met.) cult originated in the depth of Southamerica's cursed mountain ranges, with the goal of establishing a portal for their so called "forbidden truth" to come trough.

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